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Flowers of Hawai'i Temporary Tattoos - (Gold Metallic)

Flowers of Hawai'i Temporary Tattoos - (Gold Metallic)

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Discover the beauty of Hawaiian flora with our metallic waterproof temporary tattoo sheet. Each flower sheet is accompanied by a short educational description on the backside. Learn about the fascinating world of these flowers as you explore their cultural significance, characteristics and the stories behind them.

With the added benefit of being waterproof, our temporary tattoos are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to the beach, attending a festival, or simply want to express your love for Hawai’i, our metallic tattoos will stay put. Their easy application and removal make them convenient and hassle-free choice for temporary body art. So what are you waiting for? Add a touch of tropical charm and make a stylish statement anywhere you go!

To Apply:
1. Clean and dry the skin.
2. Cut out the desired tattoo design.
3. Remove the protective film and place the tattoo facing down on the skin.
4. Hold wet cloth for 30 seconds against the backside of tattoo while applying firm pressure.
5. Gently peel off the paper backing.
6. Let it dry completely for a few minutes.
7. Enjoy your long-lasting temporary tattoo for 2-5 days!

To Remove:  Rub off using a gentle makeup remover, rubbing alcohol, or baby oil.

WARNING: Do not apply on sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive.

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